Sunday, 27 October 2013

Which O'Toole is Which? - Addendum

Yesterday my notice I had sent to RSVP in the Sydney Morning Herald was published (Thank you, Herald, an invaluable service).

Imagine my excitement when I received an email response yesterday afternoon! It turns out the respondent is from what I have dubbed the Pyrmont O'Tooles, but she has been very generous with her information and hopefully this will help unravel the two families.

One important thing I learnt from her this morning is that Tobias O'Toole was also from Wexford, not Wicklow as I had presumed. There goes one distinguishing feature, but every puzzle piece is necessary.

I love how the genealogy community is, generally, a sharing lot. We all know the frustration of wrong leads, brick walls, etc. Tobias' descendant and I are more distantly related than we both had hoped, but that hasn't stopped her, and it won't stop me.

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