Sunday, 7 September 2014

Happy Father-in-Law's Day

It's Father's Day today. Father's Day is a bit awkward for me as I have no relationship with my father (and I am not going into why, just accept that that is all you are getting).

But I do have a father-in-law, and I count myself very lucky. My father-in-law is a lovely man. He is kind and caring. He supports me in how I manage my children (as does my mother-in-law, but today is Father's Day). He is never mean or cruel. He does not manipulate or humiliate. He doesn't lie or re-write the past. He is generous with his time and with his care. We know we are important to him and that we can always ask him for help.

He is a quiet man, never rude or intrusive.

He is impossible to buy a gift for.

He is a gifted woodworker. I have many pieces of furniture made by him. He is very intelligent and insightful, a great problem solver. He should have been an engineer, but ended up a bank manager, a job he did with great attention, grace and consideration.

He clearly loves my mother-in-law very much, and takes his share of the housework. He treats all women with respect.

He spoils his grandchildren way too much. And his son. And me. He is on a steep learning curve about teenage girls (my spouse is an only child, so this is new territory, and my daughter is certainly putting him through his paces. Yes, Father has a younger sister, but her as a teenager was a long time ago).

He worries too much.

In three days my father-in-law will turn 76. He laments entering his late 70s. But he is very fit, very active and doesn't look his age. He also doesn't act "old". So he should be very proud of this milestone.

This is my favourite photo of him, taken when he was three years old.

Happy Father's Day, Pa. We love you.

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