Tuesday, 26 March 2013

A Life in Time

So today the Fearless Female task is to create a timeline for a female ancestor. This turned out to be a bigger task than it should have been as I found that most of my chronologies were pretty incomplete. So I knuckled under and got one more or less done. There are still some dates missing, but they will take a fair bit of work to find.

This is the timeline for Hannah Maria (rhymes with fire) Rymes (my great great great grandmother). After her husband left in 1859, Maria did nothing but work to keep her family together, but I only have details of one job, the housekeeper position with Mr Folden. The dates I am missing are the exact dates for the family's arrival in Melbourne, and then in Camden and Burragorang, and finally the United States, and the date Maria was made a ward of the state.

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