Tuesday, 26 March 2013

Preview for aging

Do I share any physical or personality traits with my female ancestors?

I don't want to go into personalities, I don't think that's an easy thing to judge, and I know my siblings would probably disagree if I started, because they have a different view of me than I have of myself (not surprisingly).

So, physcial traits. Well, I know what I am going to look like as I age. My maternal grandmother, Eda Elizabeth Elecia Shoobridge, looked very much like her mother, Hannah Maria Amelia Pearce.

Hannah Maria Amelia Pearce and Eda Elizabeth Elecia Shoobridge

Mum looks now as I remember Nanna, except that Mum's hair is darker because she dyes it (sorry, Mum). When I was little Grandpop always said I looked like Mum when she was young, and photos of her back this up. And now my daughter looks like I did in old photos. I showed a couple to my parents-in-law and they thought the photos were of their granddaughter.

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