Saturday, 30 March 2013


Mum's best friend was Joanne. They lived in the same suburb of Sydney, grew up together and were Beach Bunnies together. They have always kept in touch, no matter what, and we grew up knowing her as Aunty Joanne. My older sister is named after her.

My paternal grandmother's best friend was her sister, Connie. Uncle Reg says you could not have two sisters who were closer. I don't have any photos of Connie, unfortunately. They were brought up separately, but lived close to each other, and supported each other through thick and thin.

Rene Davis, the lady next door at Curl Curl, was my maternal grandmother's best friend. She minded Mum while Nanna had surgery after Mum's birth. Rene moved away, up to Toukley, some years later, and Mum and Nanna went to stay with her. After that they lost touch, but Mum has reconnected with Rene's daughter, Joan in the last couple of years.

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