Thursday, 14 March 2013

A Mountain Wedding

I have records for quite a few weddings, and need records for more - on the ever-growing to-do list. Today, however, I will share with you the marriage details for my grandparents, Leslie Keith Ashton O'Toole and Eda Elizabeth Elicia Shoobridge.

Les and Eda were married on 16 December 1925 at St. Andrews presbyterian Church, Wentworth Falls. I don't remember Nanna or Grandpop ever saying much about the day, but then I never asked them specifically about it, and Mum says they never talked about it to her either, not even round her wedding.

So it comes down to raw facts from the certificate and a couple of photos, one of which is hiding on my computer somewhere.


The witnesses were Eda's father, George William James Shoobridge, and Les's younger brother, William James O'Toole, and the Minister was Harold MacKie.

I don't know if there was a reception, or who the attendants were, besides suspecting that Will was the best man.

Here is the happy couple. There is another photo of them coming out of the Church, with Nanna's brother George and his children to one side and Les's sister Rene in the background, but as I said, it's hiding on my computer somewhere. When I find it, I'll put it up. I have just noticed Grandpop's hat in his hand. He always wore a hat going out, right up until the end.

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